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Terms & Conditions


  • During the stay at the school the culture and tradition of India should be respected, as well as enhancing the spiritual atmosphere of the school.
  • The school is not a social club or holiday complex. Respect is a basic and unquestionable value. Any negative comments or inappropriate behavior can lead to expulsion from school.
  • Tobacco, alcohol, non-prescription drugs, meat, fish, and eggs are not allowed in the school premises.
  • Students must return to school before 9:45 p.m., the door closes at 10 p.m.
  • The performance of the practice in a swimsuit or bikini is prohibited. Public nudity is prohibited.
  • The use of a modest dress is recommended, avoiding the use of loose clothing, pants and very short shirts that leave a large part of the body exposed.
  • External visitors to the course are not allowed without prior notice.
  • ALL CLASSES ARE MANDATORY. If more than three classes are missed, no certificate is delivered. A certificate of participation will be delivered.
  • Students must maintain silence during meals.


  • Turn off the phones inside the yoga hall.
  • The use of electronic devices such as mobile phones, I pads and others are prohibited during classes.
  • Taking photographs, video, or audio recording during classes are prohibited.
  • Make SILENCE when entering and leaving the Yoga Hall.
  • Arrive a few minutes before the Teacher.
  • Keep quiet during classes.


  • The payment of the training must be made during the first 3 days of the beginning of the training.
  • The certificate will only be awarded once the following requirements have been passed: attendance to classes, passing the written exam and practice. If these requirements are not met, a certificate of attendance will be delivered.
  • Students who drop out of the course or change the program before completing it must return all the material that was given to them at the beginning of the course.
  • The student is responsible for his or her own medical and health care, medical care at school is limited and is only available in urgent situations. Being necessary to bring your own medications, if required. Similarly, we recommend bringing a small travel kit with you.
  • The school is not responsible for accidents, illnesses, injuries or theft that occurs during the course in the school.
  • The amount of the reservation and the course are NOT refundable or transferable. In the event of cancellation by the student, the reservation may be saved for another month as long as 45 days’ notice is given in advance.
  • In the case of special situations such as medical problems, part of the amount of the training will be returned after deducting the amount corresponding to the days of the training. To access the refund, the student must present a medical certificate that collaborates their condition and if there is any disease or pathology prior to the beginning of the course, inform it in the medical section in the registration form that is given to each student.
  • If a student is expelled from the course due to non-compliance with school rules / regulations, then there is no place to claim any refund.
  • In the event of cancellation or rescheduling of the course by the School due to unforeseen situations, students have the option of transferring to another course.


  • By reserving and contracting the course, you authorize Drishti Yogshala Rishikesh to: Storage and use of images taken during the teacher training course. Being able to be published on social networks, profiles, filming for commercial dissemination, web spaces, photographs for magazines or publications related to our sector. Storage and informative and / or commercial use of my personal data provided.
  • In the case of non-authorization, rectification or cancellation, in order to eliminate all information relating to you from our files and systems, please let us know in writing as soon as possible by sending us an email to the following address: drishtiyogshala@gmai.com facebook.com/drishtiyogshala www.drishtiyogshala.com
  • In the same way, I confirm that all the information provided in this document is true. Assuming any risk and liability associated with the activities and events carried out by Drishti Yogshala in Rishikesh or in any other locations in the world.


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