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10 Reasons Why You Should Do Yoga Teachers Training

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If you want to know more on the subject yoga, then a Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh may be a good decision for you. There are many people, who practice yoga daily, based on guidance from local schools. However, they are only aware of the physical side of yoga. Most yoga schools in the cities, teach fitness-oriented yoga.

A yoga teacher training comes to your rescue, when you want to experience the transformative aspects of yoga, along with its curative ones as well. Here, we have listed the top 10 reasons, why you should get into yoga teacher training.

Reasons To Sign Up For Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

  • Correct Knowledge – This is the first reason, why you should join a yoga TTC, and not just any course. In the course, you will study the human anatomy and the yogic postures. One wrong move can harm your body and lead to injuries. The teachers at the best yoga schools will help you to know the location of each bone, muscle, tissue, and ligament, so that you can work around your limitations. You can also suggest modifications and variations, armed with this knowledge.
  • Fundamentals Of Yoga – It is at the Yoga school in Rishikesh, where you will learn about the basics of yoga. Just like children, who have to start from the alphabet, to learn word formation, you need to learn the foundational elements of yoga. Philosophical knowledge is one such aspect. If you know about this concept, then your base becomes strong.
  • Self-practice – Most people practice yoga wrong. The benefits are also unavailable, in such cases. You will learn about the correct alignments and movements, from the best registered yoga school and nowhere else. Pranayama is an important part of yoga, which is often overlooked. However, you will learn about this in detail only in proper yoga teacher training.
  • Health Issues – If you have certain health issues, and do not want to indulge in any kind of strenuous physical activity, yoga is a good option. Yoga is therapeutic in nature. However, you have to know about the full cycle. The RYS in Rishikesh can give you the best guidance on this route.
  • Great Career – Yoga teaching is an emerging career option today. You can start on this track at any age, regardless of your qualification. You must enroll yourself in a good yoga school in Rishikesh, like Drishtiyogshala, to embark on a successful career. In the teacher training course, you will learn about theory and background, which is necessary for overall growth as a teacher.
  • Stress Buster – One of the most popular reasons why people enroll in yoga classes, is for its stress-busting quality. Mindfulness meditation is one of the inclusions in the yoga TTC syllabus. You will be guided by the instructors at the yoga school, so that you can practice the same back home. It also sets the functions of your brain in perfect order. You will feel more content with yourself, after having joined yoga classes. However, the right school is a must.
  • Social Exposure – When you head to a Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, you meet lots of other yoga enthusiasts from other nations. You get to exchange your culture and traditions, and learn more about one another. This leads to your social development. Networking also becomes easy.
  • Healthy Lifestyle – When you join one of the most transformative yoga courses at Rishikesh, you also experience lifestyle transformation. You will be encouraged by your teachers to adopt a healthy, and Sattvic lifestyle.
  • Learn Alternate Healing – You will learn beyond physical postures, when you enroll for a TTC. There is meditation and Pranayama, which are the cornerstones of yoga practice. You will be able to heal your body and mind, by following the alternate healing modalities.
  • Stay In The Present – This is another aspect of yoga, which you must know about. While delving into yoga, you learn to stay in the present times. The future and the past does not bother you, any longer.

These are a few of the reasons why you should enroll for the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh.

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